About Wikipad

Wikipad 7 is an innovative US product (designed in California, just like iPhone and iPad), from Wikipad Inc., a US company, holding branches in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong.

Wikipad 7, is signifying a brand new product category: The Gaming Tablet

With a Registered Patent for the detachable controller, switching from tablet to gaming console, in a “heartbeat”, Wikipad 7 offers advanced and innovative features across all target audiences!

Feel like playing

No more “troubleshooting” on touch screens when you’re “interacting” with your favorite driving, racing, battle or flight simulator games!


Customize the console’s controls based own your own and personal type of gaming, through Wikipad 7 Game Mapper.


Use the HDMI port to connect to a big TV screen, lay back and “enjoy the ride”.

Unique game market

Access to a unique game market since it is the ONLY “non-Sony device” that has Playstation™ Certification and comes with the Playstation Mobile app, pre-installed!

Google Play Store

Access to all games of Google Play Store (more than 100,000), most of which are free!

Time to work

Wikipad is a full-functioning tablet with the blazing power of a 4-core NVIDIA CPU, a 12-core NVIDIA GPU, a high resolution IPS display and 16GB of storage.

Supporting multiple accounts, it enables individual users to have their own apps and files settings. An ideal tool in the boardroom, or wherever else you conduct your business.

Check “Gmail” or sync email services, read the news, surf the web, study documents, make notes, through:
Dual Band WiFi for internet access.
Bluetooth 4.0 for device-2-device interoperability.

Time to surf the net

Supports GPS & GLONASS, offering accurate Location Based Services that can be used for:
• in-car navigation
• social media applications (check-ins), etc

Equipped with a 4100mAh battery, one of the largest in the 7″ form factor, providing enough power for:
• 7.5h of web surfing
• 8h of video & audio playback
• 8h of e-book reading
• 288h of standby time