FLUO air-conditioners have introduced their wide range of product portfolio through their huge and breathtaking booth, along with established brands, in ISK-SODEX Fair, which took place from 4 to 7 May in CNR Expo, Istanbul. The installation included a variety of products from all air-conditioning categories, as well as a small group of FLUO technology products in an elegant looking stand. The mechanical engineers and the marketing team of the company, were hosting current and potential cooperators, to whom they were further introducing FLUO air conditioners potential and advantages.

ISK-SODEX is considered to be one of the most important yearly events for air-conditioning in Turkey, as it offers a deep focus to all products of the sector with the co-operation of associations, magazines, international exhibitions and is being visited by Turkish and international visitors.

FLUO is the new brand of M&T electronics, consisting of hi-tech, quality and value-for-money products. The main core of the brand’s philosophy is Innovation and technological expertise, aiming to make modern life truly mobile and brilliant. The wide range of our air conditioning series can fully satisfy all requirements in regards to residential, small business and large projects. FLUO brand’s strongest asset is the combination of top quality, long endurance and high efficiency.

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